Seek No Further

Seek No Further


Fruit of the Loom came to us with this new brand they wanted to launch in the states. This would be something higher end. Something that would move them into new territory as a fashion brand. We went as "fashion house" as they would let us, and I'm super proud of where we ended up.
Best compliment so far? "This doesn't feel like Fruit." So I'd say that's a major win. We even snuck in some Super 8!


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My favorite part of this project was the freedom we had as a team to create our vision. Our Creative Director KT was great about only stepping when needed and allowing us to make the calls throughout. I felt like I grew a lot throughout just because of that alone.

The client made it clear that this was truly going to be a 360 campaign. I mean, the brand didn’t exist. So it was up to us to create everything from color palette to photographic style. After weeks of thinking about where we wanted this brand to fit in we stumbled on the idea of “Be Your Own Stylist” and we were off.


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With so many pieces to the puzzle I really got to get my hands dirty and wear a bunch of hats. For someone with the tendency to be a “swiss army knife” it was awesome opportunity.

During the shoot I got the chance direct the video portion, and further flex that muscle. As our photographer Victoria Will captured amazing shots during the lifestyle portion of our shoot the DP and I were shoulder to shoulder trying our best to make something Fruit has never had the stones to make before. We went as far as shooting Super 8 to lean even more into that fashion feel.

On top of directing, I helped design the website, create the look of our social, and handled the on-site interviews. Biggest win for me had to be that the photography I shot inevitably made it into the final product itself. That was huge for me as a mutli-dimensioal creative.



Client : Fruit of the Loom

Photographer / Director : Victoria Will

DP : Brent Mata

Photo Producer : Eric Rasmussen

Wardrobe Stylist : Ashley Abercrombie

Creative Director : KT Thayer

Art Director / Assistant Director : Sebastian Walker

Art Director : Brandon Gorthy

Copywriter : Chris Froleich

Designer : Karin Schwarz

Art Producer : Rosie Ollero

Account Manager : Mark Hurley