Born in Japan

Made for the future. Born in Japan.


For INFINITI’s installation at the 2018 Concours d'Elegance, we want to bring INFINTI’s heritage to the forefront of the conversation. We came up with everything from Japanese garden installations to a man-made island party off the coast of Monterrey. Finally we landed on using the car and the pavilion space itself as a canvas to tell the larger story of the brand’s roots and how those sentiments still impact their ethos.


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For the projection mapping portion of the project we worked with GMUNKVT Pro Design and the Tools of North America who each brought their expertise to celebrate INFINITI’s Japanese heritage. The INFINITI QX50 car was a canvas for Japanese-inspired imagery conceived by the GMUNK and his dream team of design wizards. The design of the car already had an elegant movement built in, which allowed the eye to move across the form in a dynamic way.

”The design team created illusions, playing with depth and surrealism to interpret the design of the car in an unexpected way — revealing what stirs beneath the hood, the hybrid nature of its development, and the minds that brought it there – taking the car to a new place entirely.”


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We worked hard to make an undulating evolution between Classic Japanese Art, Intelligent Data, and Future Forward Progression come across seamlessly. Dots and pixels move and breathe, cascading around the surface, as patterns found in organic phenomena — rain, fog, mountains, cherry blossoms, and water – keeping us within a very gestural and emotional world.

We wanted our audience to feel like they’re coming across a portal into a world of INFINITI. Animations of Japan’s past and future folding into each other and sweeping across two sides of the car and the wall behind, a seamless mapping generated by the power of the three 20,000 Lumen 4K projectors.